The Ministry of Product

We build prototypes, manage products, and incubate businesses.

What we can do for you.

We design software and build proof of concepts.

Typically we will start with using Figma to help you think through your design. Once we have agreed on the scope of the work we can rapidly create versions to let you see what it will feel like for your end customers. Budget about 1 month for this design and discovery and about 1-3 months to build the “proof of concept” version.

We do product coaching

Building a product requires you to think about the design, technology, and business all at the same time. We can help guide you through the process to give you a better thought out product. This might take only a couple hours a month. With regular meetings we can help you build your product in the most efficient an effective ways.

We can build MVPs

MVPs (minimum viable product) can have many different meanings depending on the industry, target market, and marketing approach. We will work with you to define what success means and then create a checklist of user stories to define when the MVP is ready. Based on this criteria we can give you an estimate of how long and how much your MVP could cost.